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Bratislava, 0100 Campus Stare Grunty 16

od 19 €

Anot­her Star­tup Wee­kend Bra­ti­slava is here. Alre­ady the 7th since 2011.

Star­tup Wee­kend is a Techs­tars event which fol­lows the basic model: any­one is wel­come to pitch their star­tup idea and rece­ive feed­back from their peers. Teams orga­ni­cally form around the top ideas (as deter­mi­ned by popu­lar vote) and then it’s a 54 hour frenzy of busi­ness model cre­a­tion, coding, desig­ning, and mar­ket vali­da­tion. The wee­kends cul­mi­nate with pre­sen­ta­ti­ons in front of local entrep­re­ne­urial lea­ders with anot­her oppor­tu­nity for cri­ti­cal feed­back.

Whet­her entrep­re­ne­urs found com­pa­nies, find a cofoun­der, meet some­one new, or learn a skill far out­side their usual 9-to-5, eve­ry­one is guaran­teed to leave the event bet­ter pre­pa­red to navi­gate the cha­otic but fun world of star­tups. If you want to put your­self in the shoes of an entrep­re­neur, regis­ter now for the best wee­kend of your life!

Brin­ging the com­mu­nity toget­her!