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Praha, Impact Hub Praha, Drtinova 10



Join our meetup featuring senior engineers from Silicon Valley! We’ll be hosting:
–> Stephanie New (Deliverr)
–> Petr Zadražil (Google)
–> Jan Špidlen (Airbnb)
–> David Pavlík (SpaceX, now Kiwi.com).
They will have a short tech talk and after that, there will be a panel discussion.

The event is free, however, make sure you reserve your tickets, the spots are limited.

–> Stephanie New
Stephanie graduated from MIT with a degree in CS with a focus in distributed systems. She has worked in the tech industry for many years as a backend systems engineer. Her experiences include architecting a high-frequency trading platform, scaling Dropbox Enterprise, and designing the backend systems of Dropbox Paper. Currently, she is working on fast and affordable fulfillment at Deliverr and is a part-time consultant at Reflectivity.

–> Jan Špidlen
Jan Špidlen currently works as a senior software engineer at Airbnb on a product called Airbnb Plus. Before moving to Silicon Valley in 2011 to pursue his dream of becoming a software engineer. Jan graduated summa cum laude from the Master’s program in Computer Science at Georgia Tech in Atlanta.
His first stop was NVIDIA in Santa Clara where he worked as a systems software engineer on a cloud-based game-streaming system, later branded as GeForce Now. In 2013, Jan moved to the Google headquarters in Mountain View, where he worked on an award-winning note-taking service called Google Keep. In 2015, Jan decided to explore new opportunities with Dropbox in San Francisco, where he spent most of his time perfecting a great collaboration tool called Dropbox Paper. In 2017, he landed his latest job at Airbnb.
When he isn’t glued to a computer screen, he likes to shred Lake Tahoe mountains on his full suspension mountain bike in summer and his all-mountain skis in winter. He also can never say “no” to a game of chess.