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Bratislava, HubHub, Mlynské Nivy 12

0-5,- Eur


On the 15th of February, HubHub will welcome Roman Gavuliak, who leads the Data Science team at Operam. His focus there is on automation of online advertising for some of the biggest movie studios in Hollywood, building a product that is used to market movies such as Kingsman, Deadpool or Moonlight.

One important part of Operam´s success is their approach to natural language processing, which spans a wide range of techniques for working with text. Experts at Operam deal with all kinds of textual data sources, be it short and cryptic Facebook comments or verbose movie scripts.

During this event, we will talk about how we tackle these data sources and create products that provide value for clients. In particular, we will focus on the process of deciding whether the model is good enough to be incorporated into our product and when to invest time to improve it further.

The event will be held in Slovak.