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Praha, Coworking PORT Vítkova 10, 18600

400,- Kč


Feel empowered by our recipe for happier days in the office and take immediate responsibility for your own fulfillment. This inspirational workshop will help you find what your strengths are and how to use those strengths in your everyday routine so you can get a better idea of what your dream job could look like.

In this interactive and engaging workshop you will learn practical ways to:

find your talents, gifts and how to use them
build and cultivate positive mindset
develop tools to raise self-worth and strengthen self-belief
engage the work day in a more effective way
learn the connection between using your strengths and happiness at work
Who is it for?

anyone that is still searching for their “one true calling”
anyone that wants to work more collaboratively and effectively
anyone that needs a self-belief boost
anyone that wants to share, learn and interact with other interesting people
According to the science of positive psychology people that are happy at work tend to be happy in life outside work as well and tend to have a positive impact on their organizations as well.

At the end of the workshop you will find yourself in a position to take actions that will lead to a greater workplace happiness based on your talents.